Fixinc story

Founded shortly after the return of our founder from the UK, Fixinc was a direct result of businesses needing to understand effective, creative directions to go as they navigated difficult landscapes. We've now refined our offering into projects that focus on essentialism and meaningful brand outcomes.


years average experience

We've been there and done that here at Fixinc. You're hiring experts who have worked in many dynamic industries.



Our team is intentionally small to allow us to have excellent communication and collaboration. It makes managing projects utterly basic.

Started in 2016

Fixinc is a direct result of a lust for collaboration. Ollie had few choices but to build the business off the back of countless opportunities from word-of-mouth reccomendations.


First major client2017

After a few interviews, Fixinc landed our first major enterprise client, RiskLogic Pty Ltd. We helped them release technology products, rebrand and dominate the New Zealand market. We're still working with them four days a week four years later.


We started our team2021

A lack of human interaction, virtual realities and boring lockdowns influenced Ollie to build a strong, but close-nit team of experts. Now there are six of us.


6 Facts about Fixinc

We focus on Essentialism and Minimalism.

If this one thing made the other ten redundant, what is that one thing worth to you now? We're experts in helping you find this.

We're all freelancers & entrepreneurs.

When we're not all working on Fixinc, we all have our own businesses and projects to work on. Some are glorified hobbies, others are passions.

We have a minimum of 12 years experience.

Each member of the team has a minimum of 12 years in their selected field, with the average being 14 years.

We're all friends first and foremost.

Our motto here is community and communication. It's the easiest and most impactful way to produce great results for all.

We choose the projects we work on.

We focus on only pursuing projects we know we'll love and will work hard at. We occasionally decline work if it doesn't follow our values.

We're avid food, wine and beer lovers.

After it's all said and done, if you can't enjoy a good meal and drink together, what's the point? It's all about community and communication (over a good meal).