Ollie Law




Why do you do what you do?

When you press that all important button that sets your 'baby' live, there is simply nothing more special than that. I find it almost criminal that I'm able to help others do this and make a living out of it. Creative, design, commercial and strategy has been something I have obsessed over for decades now (in one form or another). Every time I load my computer up, I'm excited to see what projects we are working on today.

We're privileged to work with some super special clients that do remarkable things. But, we also understand the difficulty of marketing, creative and building effective strategies. Being able to give these organisations space to grow is an absolute thrill.

What inspires you the most?

I see inspiration in everything I do. Recently a converted Apple user, I can see how seamingly obvious great design is. When I order my new Grovemade stand, or a pair of Apple earbuds, I can see and even feel the effort these people go through to provide perfection. This is so inspiring, and yet so accessible for your brand too.

How are you different?

I am an Essentialist, which is still a relatively immature concept. It's the lifestyle choice to only do the things that mean the most. It's the act of meditating on the truly essential things in your personal and professional life, and then giving those few things full attention. When I work with new clients, this is what I'm trying to achieve. We are often asked to complete many tasks and services (and people are happy to pay for it), but after using my tried and tested 'essentialist research', I can easily see only one priority makes them redundant - that one thing that will make the difference.

If you don't see me at my laptop, you'll probably see me out bush running my other business, Bushman Tours. I'm deeply passionate about this as we focus heavily on conservation and giving to local communities. All our guides are local, kiwi experts and we're working on some exciting things - check it out via bushmantours.com

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