Inger Opie



Art & Design Director and Brand Strategist

What does Inger do?

Inger Opie is a multi-disciplinary Graphic Designer and Art Director, Concept Direction and Development, User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Designer. As an avid creator, photographer, foodie and lover of the theatrical arts, Inger leads the way what many of your final products will look, feel and act like. Everything you see from Fixinc is a direct result of Inger's work.

What's her experience?

Inger has significant agency experience in the brand, advertising and PR industry space - crossing Aotearoa all the way to the UK. She thrives when devising considered creative solutions across print and digital platforms. Your very own creative mischief maker.

How she will work with you.

Inger will spend significant time understanding and researching you brand, focusing on your Brand Identity. This is perhaps one of the most important elements of a business and how they are portrayed in the market - something Inger thrives on.

When the project hits of, Inger will spend time getting to know you and the backbone of the brand, then provide you with complete and credible design concepts for you to review. It's her work that is then signed off and sent to our development team.

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