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Start or evolve your organisational resilience journey with a Fixinc Business Continuity Program. Covering the full Business Continuity lifecycle including Business Impact Analysis (BIA), Business Continuity Plans, Scenario Exercises, and more.
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the what

What is a Business Continuity Program?

A business continuity management program (BCM) is a plan that ensures an organisation can continue operating during and after a disruptive event. It involves identifying risks, assessing the impact on critical business functions, and developing strategies to minimise disruptions. A BCM program includes policies, procedures, and protocols, a dedicated team, backup and recovery plans for critical data, redundant systems, emergency communication protocols, employee training, and testing and maintenance of the plan. It's an essential tool for any organisation to reduce downtime, maintain reputation and financial stability.
why fixinc

Providing the Pinnacle of Corporate Resilience.

Taking inspiration from the precision accuracy, perfection obsessive, sleekness  of Formula 1, Fixinc provides organisations with the most pinpoint, exciting programs available. Our senior level Advisory consulting team are the highest rated in the industry. We specialise in hyper-specific disciplines and programs designed to help organisations build resilient frameworks, cultures, and create a competitive edge. When you invest in a program with us, you can be certain of receiving the pinnacle of resilience consulting.
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the how

How Fixinc runs Business Continuity Program.

While each program and client requires different components and disciplines for their unique needs, Fixinc has designed effective and efficient implementation plans that help achieve strong outcomes and meet objectives in minimal timeframes. Explore these below.

Fixinc will get your team and documents in order, creating simple but valuable scopes and implementation strategies. All accessible via your client portal. This helps build a foundation of trust and faith in our team, whilst also beginning to build a buzz around the upcoming program within your own organization.

Business Continuity Program Engagement Meeting
All stakeholders discuss objectives and priorities, led by Fixinc's well-prepared consultants. This meeting gives confidence in the program's direction.
Business Continuity Document Reviews
Fixinc's document review assesses organizational strengths and weaknesses before the program begins. An experienced consultant reviews documents to build a solid foundation. The assessment helps identify areas for improvement and sets the stage for a successful program.
Business Continuity Program Implementation Plan
An approved project plan and timeline with clear phases, delivery times, and responsible parties resulting from the engagement process will be accessible via your unique client dashboard.

Fixinc uses Business Impact Analysis (BIA) to determine your continuity requirements. We will schedule BIA meetings with business unit leaders to identify critical functions and threats. The outcome is a list of critical functions, recovery timeframes, dependencies, and a soft copy report for the entire organization.

Business Impact Analysis Scheduling
Fixinc schedules Business Impact Analysis meetings with business unit leaders to determine critical functions. This builds awareness, buy-in, and analyze current processes.
Business Impact Analysis Report
Fixinc delivers a BIA report to your leadership team detailing outcomes of the meetings. Stored permanently in your client dashboard, it's available via a smart document. This report is foundational to the Business Continuity Plan design.
Business Impact Analysis Meetings
Fixinc conducts a BIA by consulting with business unit representatives to gain thorough feedback on organizational operations and structures. Outcomes include allowable outages and recovery timeframes, critical dependencies, and more.
Threat Intelligence & Analysis
Fixinc utilises real-time threat intelligence to enhance resiliency and align realistic, current threats to your mitigation strategies. We review the threat landscape and incorporate emerging risks in business continuity plans, making them more relevant and timely.
Business Impact Analysis Scope
Fixinc uses business impact analysis to determine an organization's continuity requirements. We conduct four types of BIA: initial, product/service, process, and activity.

Fixinc will design proactive solutions and implement mitigation measures to protect your organization from risks and threats. We will develop an incident response team with designated roles and responsibilities, facilitate meetings to discuss likely disruption scenarios, and we will develop strategies for loss of critical staff, premises, IT and communication systems, and supply chain.

Business Continuity Strategy Development
Fixinc will design solutions for your organization to confidently respond to incidents and maintain prioritized activities. Proactive mitigation measures address identified risks and threats to protect and reduce disruption impacts.
Business Continuity Team Development
Fixinc will develop an incident response team roles and responsibilities format during the business continuity plan development. Our consultants cover all disciplines with experience across the resilience spectrum, in any location. This ensures flexibility to meet your unique team needs.
Business Continuity Plan Design
Fixinc facilitates meetings with key contacts to discuss likely disruption scenarios based on threat analysis and intelligence. Outcomes inform a relevant plan design for common threats, boosting team confidence in using it. Scenarios can include loss of staff, premises, IT/communication systems, or supply chain.
Business Continuity Plan Sign Off
Once training and the business continuity plan is designed, your lead consultant will sit with you to discuss the outcome of the program. You can review and sign off your plan via your client dashboard. It's time to move to the next phase or program with Fixinc.

Fixinc provides training, testing, and scenario exercises to validate Business Continuity Plans. We'll build familiarity and identify improvements, ensuring stakeholder assurance. Fixinc also reviews continuity preparations, establishing tailored objectives and criteria for program considerations like crisis management, impact assessment, and maintenance.

Business Continuity Training
Business Continuity Training builds resilience culture by training and raising awareness of continuity structures/plans. It includes practical exercises done in-person/online and detailed training for leadership to encourage proactive response and stakeholder buy-in, improving resilience.
Scenario Exercises
A Business Continuity Scenario Exercise helps build familiarity with plans and responsibilities, fostering a positive resilience culture. Fixinc customizes exercises based on realistic events to identify vulnerabilities, allowing mitigation and planning. These exercises are both effective and entertaining.
Program Review and Audit
Assessing business continuity preparations for compliance and best practices builds resilience. Fixinc creates customized review objectives based on program considerations to identify improvement areas. The review framework provides a comprehensive approach to enhancing existing preparations.
Fixinc Advisory Board

Your own personal board of Business Continuity Management professionals.

We have built a trusted network and team of senior level Advisory consultants able to provide your organisation the very best advice and support on Business Continuity Management, whenever you need it most.
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