Corporate Resilience Programs.
From plans to validation.

With the support of our regional Advisors, Fixinc covers the entire corporate resilience spectrum. No matter what, you are covered with us.
resilience lifecycle

Understanding the Tungsten Diamond by Fixinc.

When we look at your organisational resilience, specific focus and objectives can be easily summarised in our Tungsten Diamond graphic. It's this simple layout that we use to cover the entire corporate resilience spectrum. Our Advisory Board supports Response, while our Consulting arm and Directory provide you unlimited resource and support for Planning.

Corporate Resilience Services at Fixinc.

Enterprise Risk Management

Understand your organisational enterprise risk through comprehensive reviews inline with governance and current threat landscapes through impressive technology solutions.
Enterprise Risk Management

Validation Activities

No program or plan is ready until it is validated. Put your team through safe, realistic scenarios, explore gaps, build significant resilience.
Validation Activities, Training and Exercise

Emergency Management

Build strong Emergency Management response plans, a confident team, professional evacuation plans, all coupled with the leading technology.
Emergency Management

Business Continuity Management

Start or evolve your organisational resilience journey with a Fixinc Business Continuity Program. Covering the full Business Continuity lifecycle including Business Impact Analysis (BIA), Business Continuity Plans, Scenario Exercises, and more.
Business Continuity Programs

Crisis Management

Design, Review, and create your Crisis Management plans, validate them, and test through Scenario Exercises. Fixinc will help you build and maintain the very best Crisis Management Programs.
Crisis Management Programs

Incident Management

From documentation reviews, to training, technology and exercises, Fixinc can help your organisation grow competitive and effective Incident Management maturity in as little as six months.
Incident Management Programs


Our ITDR Plans will help you assess the severity of the situation, activate your team, and select the right recovery strategy.
IT Disaster Recovery

CPS 230

Utilise 10 simple components that follow ISO accreditation standards and meet your CPS 230 compliance requirements in as little as 5 weeks.
CPS 230 support
Oceania Services

Resilience solutions for Australian and New Zealand businesses.

Our entire careers have been developed and moulded throughout Oceania. We have a deep understanding and connection to Australia and New Zealand, the threat landscape, and the unique challenges here. When you work with us, it's personal.


Over a decade of industry experience, find us at our George Street office today.
Australian Resilience Service

New Zealand

Where it all began and where it'll stay, visit us in the garden city of Christchurch.
New Zealand Resilience Service
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