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Gain access to the very best in emergency management & communication technology, and our innovative client portal.
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Emergency response and threat intelligence.

Fixinc is fortunate to have access to FACT24, one of world's leading emergency management response software, to help manage our Advisory Board facilitation. In addition, all subscribers of the Advisory Board will have access to our Fixinc client application.
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Equipping organisations to deal with any crisis situation.

F24 is one of Europe’s leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider for incident and crisis management, emergency notification and business messaging. Their solutions are renowned worldwide for their high quality and reliable service. That's why, at Fixinc, we put our confidence in the management and virtual facilitation of your events in their hands.
Half of STOXX50 Europe Companies are using F24 today.
How it works

Managing activation, response, and post incident reviews.

With FACT24, you can design your crisis management proactively and digitally, from preparation to evaluation. It consists of two central applications: FACT24 ENS+ stands for Emergency Notification Services, FACT24 CIM allows for full crisis and incident management during critical events.

Emergency (Mass) Notification Management (also known as Automated Call-Trees).

Manage a predetermined number of contacts from one access point across a variety of mediums like text, phone, and email.

Crisis and Incident Preparedness.

Manage the complexity of any type of crisis event, anywhere in the world in a simple, user friendly interface.

Improve your Situational Awareness.

With guided setup and simple folder structures, F24 allows crisis leaders to understand and respond to the entire situation.

Virtual Crisis Management Room.

Manage Crisis Situations with an online (virtual) crisis management room that includes live chat, emails, and grouping.

Satisfy Industry Regulations.

Satisfy industry regulations in crisis management and emergency communication areas.

How Fixinc uses FACT24.

FACT24 allows Fixinc to mobilise our team of Advisors to support you instantly during an event or call out. With the intelligent roster and availability register, the tool will sift and standup the Advisors that confirm their availability. This means no downtime with us chasing support. Furthermore, consultants can be automatically chosen corresponding to their strengths and skills, meaning you get the most relevant responders to the event.

All management of your incidents or crisis events will be done on the FACT24 CIM platform. This allows Fixinc consultants to collaborate in real-time in a virtual crisis management room from anywhere in the world. This also allows us to easily compile a report of the management of your situation for your review.
fixinc app

Manage your resilience programs with the Fixinc App.

The smart development team at Fixinc has designed and built a unique client dashboard for our clients. Here, users gain access to their programs, implementation plans, useful resources, and the ability to manage and activate the Advisory Board should they be subscribed.

Activate your Advisory Board here.

Your new Portal allows you to manage your Premiums, review post incident reports (PIRs), chat with your Facilitator, and gain access to the very highest rated crisis Advisors.

One click
to activate the Advisory Board in your region.
Digital PIRs
get the summary of actions from your crisis.
6 stages
of carefully curated response steps.

Review your Implementation Plan

Experience simplicity and clarity with our digital Implementation Plans, providing transparent updates, shared responsibilities, and precise timelines for a 43% faster turnaround on programs. That is seriously quick.

Status updates
real-time from your account manager.
10x quicker
project quicker turnaround.
Milestones & tasks
Breakdowns of your program's progress in graph form.
organisational resilience

Run a BIA in seconds.

We've built a clever online business impact analysis (BIA) tool, available within seconds when you need it most. Work with us to complete an initial version, then access it any time through a ridiculously affordable subscription.

From $399
per month for 24/7, live access.
100% visibility
of internal and external vulnerabilities.
99.99% uptime
meaning your BIA is inline with today's functions.

A secondary option for documentation storage.

Utilise our secure documentation storage with F24 so that you have backups should your systems get compromised.

Unlimited storage
so that you are not restricted by capacity.
We won't charge for storage when you're a client of Fixinc.

Manage proposals, invoices, and POs.

Accept, decline, update, and review archived and version controlled proposals and other financial documents.

direct connection from our accounting software to your portal.

See the status of your invoice, upload purchase order numbers directly to us, and manage subscriptions all in one place.


Our digital Global Outlook Threat Report.

Updated in real-time by a mixture of consulting input, automated RSS feeds and alerts, and AI, our global threat outlook report takes the most common threats as diagnosed by the World Economic Forum and tailors them to locations and industries.

Always live
New updates are immediately shared on the app.
Push Notifications
When something changes, get immediate updates through preselected filters.
20+ Industries
Monitored in 19 global regions and 180+ countries.
How it works

Managing everything through one simple app.

We believe that when an organisation invests their resources and money into a partnership with Fixinc, they deserve the very best innovations possible. As such, we've put emphasis on the Fixinc App and the value add it provides. We've kept it simple, smart, and influential to momentum.

Understand your programs

Search and review the progress and implementation of your Fixinc resilience program with us. Add notes, or invite your colleagues (for free).

Documentation & colloberation

Utilise our secure portal with F24 to upload your response and resilience documents in confidence. Our consulting team will support and review these whilst it also acting as another access point if your systems go down.

Activate or join the Advisory Board

The main landing page will allow users to activate or subscribe to our Advisory Board. Here, you can view and manage updates and the response to the event.

Program Implementation Plans

Previous, current, and future implementation plans are available via the App and are unique to you and the work we're completing together. Never question progress.

Connect with the experts

Utilise the app to gain direct access to our professional consulting team. This may include booking new programs, or booking a 30-minute chat.

How Fixinc clients use the App.

Our App acts as a single point of truth for the relationship and partnerships we have with our clients. Providing information on everything from their program's implementation (using an interactive Implementation table), updating, paying, and reviewing their invoices, to our unique loyalty program. Utilising F24's powerful integration, we offer documentation storage and activation of the Advisory Board.
yours when you need it

Obtain an Advisory Board today.

Join the Fixinc ecosystem today and have our industry leading resilience Advisors on 24/7 standby for when you need them most.