Validation Activities

No program or plan is ready until it is validated. Put your team through safe, realistic scenarios, explore gaps, build significant resilience.
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the what

What is a Validation Activities?

Corporate resilience, disaster recovery training, and exercising are vital components of any organisation's preparedness strategy, and Fixinc is a leading provider of these critical services.Corporate Resilience refers to an organisation's ability to adapt, withstand, and recover from unforeseen disruptions and challenges. It involves creating a robust framework that safeguards business operations, assets, and reputation in the face of various threats, such as natural disasters, cyberattacks, or economic downturns. Fixinc assists businesses in developing resilience strategies that align with their unique needs and goals.Disaster Recovery Training is an integral part of corporate resilience, ensuring that employees are well-prepared to respond effectively in crisis situations. Fixinc offers comprehensive training programs that equip personnel with the knowledge and skills needed to minimise the impact of disasters, restore normal operations, and safeguard human lives.Exercising complements training by providing a practical environment for employees to apply what they've learned. Fixinc conducts drills and simulations that challenge teams to respond to hypothetical crises, enabling organisations to identify strengths and weaknesses in their disaster recovery plans.A key element of our approach is Validation, underscoring that no disaster recovery program or plan can be considered ready and complete until it has been rigorously tested and improved. Fixinc ensures that all stakeholders, from management to frontline employees, participate in validation exercises to enhance readiness and resilience.In partnership with Fixinc, organisations can build corporate resilience, implement effective disaster recovery plans, and validate their preparedness, thus safeguarding their future in an unpredictable world.
why fixinc

Providing the Pinnacle of Corporate Resilience.

Taking inspiration from the precision accuracy, perfection obsessive, sleekness  of Formula 1, Fixinc provides organisations with the most pinpoint, exciting programs available. Our senior level Advisory consulting team are the highest rated in the industry. We specialise in hyper-specific disciplines and programs designed to help organisations build resilient frameworks, cultures, and create a competitive edge. When you invest in a program with us, you can be certain of receiving the pinnacle of resilience consulting.
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the how

How Fixinc runs Validation Activities.

While each program and client requires different components and disciplines for their unique needs, Fixinc has designed effective and efficient implementation plans that help achieve strong outcomes and meet objectives in minimal timeframes. Explore these below.
Validation Engagement

An engagement meeting is facilitated to confirm the scope of the program, establish roles and responsibilities and proposed timeline of activities.

Validation Activities Engagement Meeting
An engagement meeting to confirm the scope of the program, establish roles & responsibilities, and proposed time line of activities.
Disaster Response Training & Exercise

Fixinc offers tailored, comprehensive training to boost organizational resilience in emergency management, incident response, business continuity, and crisis management.

Disaster Recovery Training
Fixinc offers tailored training to boost resilience covering all program types like emergency, incident, business continuity, ITDR / Cyber, and crisis management.
Tabletop Scenario Exercises
Fixinc offers realistic tabletop scenario exercises to enhance organisational resilience, assure stakeholders, and drive continuous improvement through testing.
Fixinc Advisory Board

Your own personal board of Validation Activities professionals.

We have built a trusted network and team of senior level Advisory consultants able to provide your organisation the very best advice and support on Validation Activities, whenever you need it most.
Fixinc Advisory Board Dashboard