Our ITDR Plans will help you assess the severity of the situation, activate your team, and select the right recovery strategy.
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the what

What is a ITDR?

Information Technology Disaster Recovery (ITDR) is part two of your Cyber Incident Management Response. It's best broken down into how you assess your IT outage severity, how you activate your ITDR team, assessments of the business impacts to an event, and selecting a strong recovery strategy.
why fixinc

Providing the Pinnacle of Corporate Resilience.

Taking inspiration from the precision accuracy, perfection obsessive, sleekness  of Formula 1, Fixinc provides organisations with the most pinpoint, exciting programs available. Our senior level Advisory consulting team are the highest rated in the industry. We specialise in hyper-specific disciplines and programs designed to help organisations build resilient frameworks, cultures, and create a competitive edge. When you invest in a program with us, you can be certain of receiving the pinnacle of resilience consulting.
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the how

How Fixinc runs ITDR.

While each program and client requires different components and disciplines for their unique needs, Fixinc has designed effective and efficient implementation plans that help achieve strong outcomes and meet objectives in minimal timeframes. Explore these below.

The program's scope, roles, responsibilities, and timeline are established via our first meeting, followed by the documentation review to assess your preparedness, and finally, the implementation plan that outlines project phases, delivery timescales, and responsible parties.

ITDR Engagement Meeting
Fixinc facilitates an engaging and constructive ITDR Engagement Meeting with your program stakeholders to establish scope and responsibilities.
ITDR Documentation Review
The ITDR Documentation Review is a crucial process that evaluates the client's current preparedness level, serving as a baseline for enhancing their program. Gain valuable insights to optimize your IT disaster recovery efforts and ensure readiness for potential disruptions.
ITDR Implementation Plan
A Fixinc ITDR Implementation Plan helps identify the phases of our ITDR program, predicted timescales, and responsibilities for each phase.

Fixinc's design of an ITDR Program covers the review or development of a strong and thorough plan that you will have confidence in during an event.

Cyber Response Plan Development
Review roles, responsibilities, and responses to cyber events. Identify assets, provide resources for successful recovery.

By training and conducting Cyber Response Exercises, your are validating your plans. This is essential for organisations to effectively manage the risks posed by the cyber landscape.

ITDR & Cyber Resilience Training
Training your ITDR Program and Cyber Response Plans is the step to build buy-in and trust in how you will handle an event.
Cyber Response Exercise
Realistic, high-impact cyber response exercises using threat intelligence and business understanding.
Fixinc Advisory Board

Your own personal board of ITDR professionals.

We have built a trusted network and team of senior level Advisory consultants able to provide your organisation the very best advice and support on ITDR, whenever you need it most.
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