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A community of passionate resilience professionals

The disasters we've personally experienced have shaped the service we now deliver; experiences that define who we are today.
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A father and son, on a mission.

Fixinc was founded by Ollie and Brad Law. The pair experienced firsthand the results of practitioners failing their clients when they were needed most. They developed the Advisory Board and Directory to help organisations have premium support at any moment. With a combined three decades in the industry, the father and son duo bring a powerful balance of technology knowledge and senior executive level consulting to a fresh and impactful service.
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in the industry together.
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Ollie Law and Brad Law Fixinc Directors
our values

A simple approach to resilience.

We are playing the infinite game. No supplier can be the best, but organisations can have access to the best solutions. At Fixinc, all of our programs and solutions are provided by multiple practitioners and vendors around the globe who provide world class services and results. No matter where they come from, anyone and everyone who works with us follows our three simple principles.


Build meaningful connections.


Integrety and honesty.

Corporate sustainability

Don't just advertise it, do it.
a first of its kind

Our ecosystem revolves around two platforms

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The Fixinc Resilience Directory provides business leaders an opportunity to filter the very best vendors and consultants to meet their unique requirements. The Fixinc Advisory Board takes the highest rated of those consultants and positions them amongst the world's most premium businesses when disruption occurs.
our promise

Finding help should be easier.

When it comes to resilience, you should never be disappointed with the partners you choose, yet so many leaders are. We took fixing this into our own hands by creating the world's largest resilience directory. Thousands of practitioners are now fairly rated and segmented, allowing us to invite only the very best onto the Advisory Board. The competitive landscape of the profession is ruining the quality organisations are receiving, and we plan to change that.
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