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Bespoke and custom made corporate resilience programs. Designed and facilitated by Fixinc, run and provided by our senior Advisors.

Consulting across the entire spectrum.

Fixinc programs provide organisations around the world bespoke consulting services across the entire corporate resilience spectrum. Having multi-disciplined, regionally based Advisors allows us to do this. Utilising special partnerships with suppliers, all of our programs are unique and tailored to your needs and challenges. In most cases, they start immediately and are completed 40 to 60% quicker than the industry standard.
Fixinc Programs
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Bespoke and custom resilience programs.

Every individual professional on Fixinc's Advisory Boards is part of a unique consultancy practice or agency. They excel in offering bespoke and custom services to organisations across the globe. Facilitated and managed by Fixinc, gain access to the very best available in the market.

Business Continuity

From Business Impact Assessments, reviews, training, and full plans, Fixinc can help.

Emergency Management

Build confidence with good plans, training and evacuation diagrams all in one tailored program.

Crisis Management & Communications

Prepare and respond to any crisis event whilst maintaining exceptional communication.

Cyber & ITDR

Never let cyber hinder your business again with our culture focused cyber awareness training.

Incident Management

Keep your people safe and well trained with effective incident management plans and protocols.

Threat Intelligence & Technology

Utilise the very best and most exciting technology with game-changers F24.
timelines & milestones

Consulting programs with Fixinc.

Every program outcome will be unique to the organisation, but our approach to management and facilitation is tried and tested. Fixinc has strict processes, timelines, responsibilities, and project management procedures to ensure our clients receive concise and timely outcomes. Below lists the standard milestones we cover for all of our programs.
Programs completed in 2023.
Programs currently in progress today.
At Fixinc, we value efficiency. Following our initial meeting, expect a comprehensive proposal in just 30 minutes, with a follow-up discussion scheduled for the following week. Our flexible process accommodates any necessary adjustments, ensuring a customised program is ready for signing in just three weeks. For those eager to start sooner, we can expedite the process, typically initiating Stage 1, Engagement in only four weeks from your first contact.
Discovery Call

45 to 60 minutes

45-minutes with your stakeholders or relevant program contacts is all we need. We will share how implementation works with us, provide an idea on how we'd run your program (or overcome your problems), then provide a valuable Q&A for both parties.


30 minutes

We do our preparation ahead of the call and can gather a lot of understanding of the sort of program scope you will need just from your initial note to us. Our clever internal tool helps us put a comprehensive proposal together to you in less than 30-minutes. Happy to go ahead? Use our digital signature tool to lock it in.


Within 1-week. 30-min call.

During our discovery call, we'll book our next meeting with you a week from now. This will give you time to review the scope and compile questions for us.

New Version

1 hour

If there are any changes, we can make these immediately after the call and reissue you a new version of your proposal (archiving the original).

Engagement Meeting Booked

1 week

After signing digitally via the online proposal, we'll have your engagement meeting booked in with a senior consultant or program manager within a week.

Phase 1
During the engagement phase, you have the chance to get acquainted with your project team and validate the essential milestones linked to your project, leading to potential key outcomes such as:
Confirmation of project scope.
Development of implementation plan.
Assigning roles and responsibilities.

“Our resilience consultants are available to shoulder the burdens of your project, ensuring timely and cost-effective delivery. Here, you'll have a chance to meet them and build meaningful relationships."

Brad, Global Head of Consulting and co-Founder

Phase 2
Fixinc's analysis aims to assess your current capability level and identify the critical products and services that are crucial for your organisation's survival in the event of a disruption. The key outcomes that may arise from this analysis are:
Review current documents.
Analysing organisational products and services.
Review the current threat environment.

Developing a comprehensive business resilience plan across your organisation requires a fundamental understanding of your organisation's products and services, and the critical business functions that support them. This knowledge is crucial to ensure a holistic approach to business resilience.

Phase 3
The development phase yields tangible results and artefacts that can aid response teams in executing a well-structured and prompt response to both minor and major incidents. The outcomes of this phase may include the following:
Develop incident response structure.
Develop recovery strategies.
Communication protocols.
Tools and checklists.
Fixinc Programs

“The incident response plan serves as a framework to guide any team in responding to a disruption promptly. To be effective, the plan should be direct, adaptable, concise, and relevant.“

Brad, Global Head of Consulting and co-Founder

Phase 4
The fourth phase aims to validate that the activities conducted in phases 1-3 are appropriate and fullfill their intended purpose. This phase also ensures that there is a continuous program of improvement in place. The key outcomes that may result from this phase are:
Response personnel training.
Scenario exercises.
Critical component testing.
Review and audit.
Maintenance program implementation.

An incident response plan should not be considered final until it has been thoroughly validated. The validation process should not only apply to the plan but also to the individuals who will be implementing it.

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