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A boutique, technology first consultancy providing you modernised corporate resilience through agile programs.

A reliable resilience ecosystem.

Fixinc is made up of three core service offerings; our consulting and resilience practice, our on-call Advisory Board, and our technology solutions. Coupled with smart technology and powerful partnerships, we service medium to large organisations in Australia, New Zealand, and Malaysia.

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Dare to thrive

Our boutique consultancy operates through clever in-house technology solutions, allowing us to streamline premium resilience services. We never run more than ten consulting programs at a time, ensuring you access to the most senior consultants in our team. Your account is important to us, we’ll stake our reputation on it.

resilience services
With over
disciplines available
Direct access
global consulting partners.
Resilience Consulting was broken.
So we fixed it.

By creating standardised and automated processes through our modern technology solutions, time-consuming and expensive admin tasks have now been eliminated. This is reflected in the investment you spend at Fixinc as well as the punctual provisions of your programs. Get things done quicker, cheaper, and better.

less investment than industry average
quicker turn around on programs
ROI on annual resilience budgets

We understand 80% of your industry problems.

With decades of industry immersion, we offer tailored expertise honed across diverse sectors, ensuring a deep understanding of your unique challenges. If our approach doesn't align with your needs, we'll guide you to the consultancy that will.

Best practice is just the start.

We do complex business continuity. By leveraging standards like ISO 22301 to tailor comprehensive solutions, we align with your organisation's unique threat profile for enhanced resilience and strategic preparedness.

AI is coming

But technology was never the problem, people are. If you get this right, the financial and reputational advancements are limitless. Fixinc's mission is to make people more knowledgable and capable.

'Normal' is shifting

Embracing tradition while innovating for the future, our consulting seamlessly integrates time-honoured wisdom with cutting-edge technology, ensuring agile solutions for today's evolving threat landscape in a familiar manner.

We don't do 'one-off'.

Resilience programs fail when they are not integrated within your culture. We will hold you accountable long term. That means trusting our service and people, and that's something we'll never stop proving to you.
resilience programs

We cover the resilience spectrum in 7 Services.

Our programs ensure clients are able to provide evidence of tactical, operational, and strategy response protocols for all areas of their organisation.

Enterprise Risk Management

Understand your organisational enterprise risk through comprehensive reviews inline with governance and current threat landscapes through impressive technology solutions.
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Validation Activities

No program or plan is ready until it is validated. Put your team through safe, realistic scenarios, explore gaps, build significant resilience.
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Emergency Management

Build strong Emergency Management response plans, a confident team, professional evacuation plans, all coupled with the leading technology.
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Business Continuity Management

Start or evolve your organisational resilience journey with a Fixinc Business Continuity Program. Covering the full Business Continuity lifecycle including Business Impact Analysis (BIA), Business Continuity Plans, Scenario Exercises, and more.
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Crisis Management

Design, Review, and create your Crisis Management plans, validate them, and test through Scenario Exercises. Fixinc will help you build and maintain the very best Crisis Management Programs.
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Incident Management

From documentation reviews, to training, technology and exercises, Fixinc can help your organisation grow competitive and effective Incident Management maturity in as little as six months.
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Our ITDR Plans will help you assess the severity of the situation, activate your team, and select the right recovery strategy.
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A powerful (and practical) client portal.

When you join Fixinc, you gain access to a complimentary portal. This is an intelligent, single point of contact for resilience programs, the Advisory Board activation, business impact analysis (BIAs), a live threat outlook report, and much more.


Activate your Advisory Board here.

Your new Portal allows you to manage your Premiums, review post incident reports (PIRs), chat with your Facilitator, and gain access to the very highest rated crisis Advisors.

One click
to activate the Advisory Board in your region.
Digital PIRs
get the summary of actions from your crisis.
6 stages
of carefully curated response steps.

Review your Implementation Plan

Experience simplicity and clarity with our digital Implementation Plans, providing transparent updates, shared responsibilities, and precise timelines for a 43% faster turnaround on programs. That is seriously quick.

Status updates
real-time from your account manager.
10x quicker
project quicker turnaround.
Milestones & tasks
Breakdowns of your program's progress in graph form.
organisational resilience

Run a BIA in seconds.

We've built a clever online business impact analysis (BIA) tool, available within seconds when you need it most. Work with us to complete an initial version, then access it any time through a ridiculously affordable subscription.

From $399
per month for 24/7, live access.
100% visibility
of internal and external vulnerabilities.
99.99% uptime
meaning your BIA is inline with today's functions.

A secondary option for documentation storage.

Utilise our secure documentation storage with F24 so that you have backups should your systems get compromised.

Unlimited storage
so that you are not restricted by capacity.
We won't charge for storage when you're a client of Fixinc.

Manage proposals, invoices, and POs.

Accept, decline, update, and review archived and version controlled proposals and other financial documents.

direct connection from our accounting software to your portal.

See the status of your invoice, upload purchase order numbers directly to us, and manage subscriptions all in one place.


Our digital Global Outlook Threat Report.

Updated in real-time by a mixture of consulting input, automated RSS feeds and alerts, and AI, our global threat outlook report takes the most common threats as diagnosed by the World Economic Forum and tailors them to locations and industries.

Always live
New updates are immediately shared on the app.
Push Notifications
When something changes, get immediate updates through preselected filters.
20+ Industries
Monitored in 19 global regions and 180+ countries.
Advisory Board

Your Resilience Advisory Board for Incident Response.

Four of the very best supporting you through the tactical, operational, and strategic response to an event, anywhere in the world, at any moment.

Dashboard mockup

Activate and manage an on-call Advisory Board.
All in one place.

Through our unique portal, you can activate and understand the 6 key response steps for the event the Advisory Board is managing with you.
2x clicks
to activate & confirm your event.
max. response time.
110 years
combined Advisor experience.
of all actions recorded via FACT24.

The Resilience Lifecycle

Our comprehensive guides cover the entire corporate resilience spectrum in detail, written by our most senior colleagues. All for free.
Core resilience programs
Program modules
Detailed discipline guides
Completely free to you
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Resilience solutions for all.

We set out with an ambitious, perhaps even unreachable goal to provide all businesses with access to effective resilience solutions. We lead by example in the work we do, but also develop solutions (like our Directory) to realise that objective.

our founders

A father and son, on a mission.

Fixinc was founded by Ollie and Brad Law. The pair experienced firsthand the devastating results of practitioners failing their clients when they were needed most. They developed the Advisory Board and Directory to help organisation have premium support at any moment. With a combined three decades in the industry, the pair bring a powerful balance of technology knowledge and senior executive level consulting to a fresh and impactful service.
12 yrs
in the industry together
Businesses serviced together
Ollie Law and Brad Law Fixinc Directors