CPS 230 Audits
by APRA regulation experts.

Fixinc is a boutique, Sydney based resilience consultancy that will review your current CPS 230 capability requirements helping you meet this new regulation within 5 to 10 weeks.

For 30+ years, Fixinc has helped organisations like yours meet compliance.

You deal with business matters while we handle CPS 230.

The Fixinc CPS 230 Program has been designed to meet the compliance requirements with as little resource allocation and friction as possible. We do this by utilising the ISO standards we’ve trained out for decades, agile implementation processes, and smart technology.

Expedited delivery of your audit programs. This means you get answers in time to meet your compliance deadlines, promptly.
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Obtain full oversight of your current risk landscape, disruption response capability, and critical suppliers resilience.

Download the CPS 230 Audit Checklist.

This simple audit checklist allows you to measure if the requirements of the Prudential Standard are in place at your organisation, calculated by a simple scoring system. Enter your email below and we will email you the PDF.

CPS 230 checklist download

Business Continuity Plans and Programs for CPS 230.

Business continuity plans (BCPs) can be a crucial asset for APRA regulated organisations to meet CPS 230 obligations. CPS 230 mandates robust operational risk management frameworks, and a well-structured BCP ensures continuous operation of critical functions, safeguarding data, services, and reputation.

Fixinc can help integrate comprehensive business continuity plans, ensuring your regulated business can demonstrate a proactive approach to risk management and compliance. This reduces the likelihood of penalties and ensures stakeholder confidence.

To do this, we build strong, deep partnerships for achieving CPS 230 compliance efficiently and cost-effectively. Our senior consultants - each with over 15 years of experience - specialise in developing tailored business continuity strategies for both public and private entities that match your unique threat landscape we will review with you. Our technology-first approach ensures compliance while leveraging the latest innovations. As a result, your organisation will obtain one of the most robust plans available.
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cps 230 International Standards

Create an ISO framework that remains compliant, forever.

Fixinc business continuity programs follow the ISO 22301 - 2019 Security and resilience — Business continuity management systems — Requirements. This means that when new regulations come in, you already meet compliance at an international standard.

What is it
A CPS 230 program that covers governance, analysis, design, and validation mirroring a ISO 22301 framework.
How it's done
We review your current environment and ensure it meets the requirements. If there are gaps, we can fill them.
Auditing suppliers

How we measure your supplier maturity.

We will measure suppliers against 10 critical components influence by the ISO 22301-2019 standard. You will get a clear understanding of the risks, our recommendation on how to fix them, and an implementation plan detailing a roadmap to compliance.

Vendor Selection Criteria
Contractual Obligations
Risk Assessment
Monitoring and Performance Management
Alternative Supplier Plans
Communication Protocols
Testing and Training
Compliance and Regulatory Requirements
Documentation and Reporting
Continuous Improvementment
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It’s Brad who will lead this CPS 230 program with you. That’s why we’ve set up a chance to meet him, and ensure he is the right partner for you. There are no obligations here at Fixinc, so if we’re not right for you, we will share peers who might be.

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