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Here are the 3 things to do to get started.

We will do much of the heavy lifting for you, but there are a couple of steps remaining to help things move forward smoothly.

book in

Engagement Meeting

Below is a link to book in your 45 to 60 minute Engagement Meeting with us. This is an important meeting as it allows us to collect the elements needed to get started. You can invite any colleagues to this and the meeting will be recorded and transcribed for your records.


Onboarding Form

You would have seen the onboarding form after accepting the proposal, this has also been emailed to you. Entering these details will allow us to take any accounting or administrative tasks off you and deal with the relevant department. It also means we can invoice inline with your pay-run and terms. Copy and paste the URL (that's unique to you) if you need someone else to fill this out.


Follow us

We release plenty of information via our social channels. This is a great place to get some resource and advice from our team as well as engage with any discussions. But the real benefit is that by following us, we'll add Loyalty Points onto your account which can be used against any further work you do with Fixinc.