Alisha Kidd

Globally experienced senior leader and chartered accountant with a vast career in managing crises, risk, and resilience for multinational organisations.



Joined Fixinc

July 2023


Board Advisory Member
Risk and Resilience Leader
Alisha Kidd of
Passionate about leading organisation's safely through their most challenging moments.

Alisha is an experienced senior resilience professional and chartered accountant experience stretching around the globe. Her whole career has had focus on managing risk maturity uplift and business continuity programmes, property and enterprise risk management, civil defence emergency management, cyber response and internal insurance programmes.

Alisha has led crisis response in-house for over 25-years across the Telecommunications, Food Manufacturing, and Insurance sectors. She has managed the full range of crises types and disciplines from natural disasters, global product recalls, pandemics, prolonged IT, national infrastructure outages, to serious health and safety incidents.

Her deep understanding of the stringent regulatory requirements of the financial service sector in relation to resilience and third party suppliers, including remediation programmes bring a unique offering to our financial service clients as well as larger enterprises who face high financial risks.


Direct from Alisha

I have seen firsthand and been in the driving seat of challenging personnel crisis events for organisations that weren't sufficiently prepared. By building internal resilience capabilities.  I'm passionate about helping, managing, and growing organisations to not feel that pain and anguish. 

Referred to as 'a calm set of hands' I enjoy providing structure and composure to crisis response teams, ensuring both comprehensive management at both strategic and operational levels. I'm looking forward to working on your programs alongside Fixinc and growing a stronger, modern level of resilience for you and your people.

Alisha Kidd of
Alisha Kidd

Core specialities

Alisha's input rests heavily on the Fixinc Advisory Board and consulting practice. Alisha provides specific disciplines that are realised through real-life, industry experience at .

Crisis Management Program Engagement Meeting

An engagement meeting to confirm the scope of the program, establish roles & responsibilities, and proposed time line of activities.
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Crisis Management Documentation Review

Assess the current level of preparedness and set a base line for program improvement.
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Crisis Management Implementation Plans

Our implementation plans clearly identify each phase of the project and predicted delivery timescales. This is important for key project stakeholders.
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Crisis Management Strategy Development

The Strategy Document customizes strategic response protocols for crisis management.
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Crisis Management Team Development

Increase your Crisis Management Team Development capabilities with Fixinc's bespoke crisis management training - empowering your crisis team and executives.
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