Brad Law

Co-Founder of Fixinc and Global Head of Consulting, overseeing all Advisory Board members and the Fixinc Consulting Practice. Over 25 years of industry experience stretching across the globe.



Joined Fixinc

January 2023


Board Advisory Member
Co-Founder & Global Head of Consulting
Brad Law of Fixinc
A career covering 25+ years around the globe.

Brad is the Global Head of Consulting within the Fixinc Consulting practice and also oversees our entire Advisory Board. He has over 25 years of Business Continuity and IT commercial experience, working across Asia, UK, Europe, New Zealand and Australia. Brad is responsible for the management and implementation of numerous business continuity and crisis management projects across a variety of industries, including not-for-profit, telecommunications, technology, government, financial services, education, infrastructure and utilities.

He is highly experienced in all aspects of the business continuity lifecycle and designed the unique 'Tungsten Diamond' diagram for Fixinc. His experience stretches through policy development, business impact assessments, strategy development, business continuity plan development and implementation and facilitation of business continuity training and scenario exercises. Brad brings strong business strategy, workshop facilitation, project management and analytical problem-solving skills with a visible passion for assisting organisation build their resilience capabilities.

​Prior to working for Fixinc, Brad served 15-years with the British Army as a tank commander, seeing 2 tours of activity duty where he was awarded with the Northern Ireland Clasp for Operation Banner and NATO Medal for Yugoslavia during the Bosnia conflict. During this time he was a communications and cold weather survival instructor and has had extensive incident response experience fighting terrorism and supporting organisations such as Médecins Sans Frontières and UNHCR.

Brad’s business continuity and incident management qualifications were put to the test during the 2011 Christchurch earthquakes, whilst working for the Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology (Now recognised as Ara). He initiated and ran two incident management cells for the February 2011 and June 2011 earthquakes, ensuring services could be established in temporary sites within a week of the disaster.​

Brad holds the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) CBCI training qualification and has trained many students in the certification course on behalf of the BCI. He also held the award of Business Continuity Consultant of the year for Australasia in 2015.


Direct from Brad

I've been fortunate to work alongside some highly experienced and capable individuals over the 25+ years I've been in this industry. Resiliency (both corporate and personal) is a major part of who I am; both experiencing the physical challenges of competing in dozens of multi-sport and long distance endurance races, as well as dealing with the response to disasters at work. I've seen the world evolve and so too the risk landscape, and for nearly three decades, I've been designing plans and strategies to combat these for hundreds of organisations.

My work has seen me travel the world (in some cases, with my family) and work alongside some incredible businesses - both large and small. The energy I get from meeting and standing infront of a leadership team or board to discuss how we're going to protect their people and assets is a thrill, a thrill I have not stopped seeking after so many years.

To have an opportunity to join the Fixinc ecosystem and work alongside my son, building solutions, technology, and programs has been my greatest achievement so far. Alongside this, I am the Head of Technology for Sention, a brilliant corporate threat intelligence tool we're improving and updating every week.

As we grow the Fixinc offering, I'm excited to see what the Advisory, Directory, and Consulting practice can do for organisations around the world.

Brad Law of Fixinc
Brad Law

Core specialities

Brad's input rests heavily on the Fixinc Advisory Board and consulting practice. Brad provides specific disciplines that are realised through real-life, industry experience at Fixinc.

Risk Management Engagement Meeting

Fixinc evaluates risk documents, facilitates an engagement meeting, and identifies areas for organisational resilience enhancement.
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Risk Management Documentation Review

Fixinc assesses client preparedness by scrutinising business units' risk management documentation for program improvement.
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Risk Management Implementation Plan

The implementation plan details project phases, delivery timeframes, and individual responsibilities for completion.
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Enterprise Risk Governance

This component involves establishing a risk management framework and defining the roles and responsibilities of individuals involved in managing risks.
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Risk Identification

Fixinc conducts workshops and analyses to systematically identify and document organisational risks.
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Risk Assessment

Fixinc evaluates and prioritises risks based on impact, likelihood, and the organisation's risk tolerance.
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Enterprise Risk Mitigation

Fixinc executes risk mitigation strategies including preventive measures, control mechanisms, and process improvements.
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Enterprise Risk Monitoring

Fixinc establishes ongoing risk monitoring and assessment mechanisms, tracking performance and assessing impacts.
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