Ella Gould

A highly experienced operational coordinator and resilience specialist with a focus on program management, Advisory Board support, and client growth.



Joined Fixinc

July 2023


Board Advisory Member
Jr Resilience Specialist
Ella Gould of Fixinc
Passionate about the very best client experience and outcomes.

Ella is a Resilience Specialist in training who oversees our program and operational requirements. She is responsible for supporting and assisting with the development and maintenance of Business Continuity, Crisis Management, and Incident Management projects. Laura is involved with all aspects of the Business Continuity Lifecycle (summarised in what we call the Tungsten Diamond), with clients ranging from the Health Sector, to manufacturing and aviation. She is passionate about driving innovation and problem solving through technology and onsite experience. These skills have been refined while working closely in an executive administration and support environment.Ella plays a critical role in training and exercise development and assisting the consultants in exercise delivery. She also runs operational and administrative tasks that help keep our Advisory board active and running smoothly for the Oceania region. 


Direct from Ella

My experience predominantly started in a virtual and in-person executive assistant role; a position I took very seriously. This profession had me worked across London and parts of Europe with organisations worth in excess of $500m per annum. Supporting Executives and being in their presence almost all day, five to six days a week offered a chance to experience firsthand the effects of a crisis event on a large business. One thing has been clear here, even the very top businesses can be targeted, can fail, and can have their resilience all wrong.

After seven years in this role after graduating from University of Westminster with a Business Management BA Honours, I decided to move to New Zealand. During the period of obtaining visas, I worked with Fixinc remotely. During this period, my role gradually moved into more client centric and program focused. Today, I am heavily trained and support by the professionals we have on the team and I'm excited to pivot my career into a more corporate resilience focus.

I look forward to helping provide you an exceptional, premium service.‍

Ella Gould of Fixinc
Ella Gould

Core specialities

Ella's input rests heavily on the Fixinc Advisory Board and consulting practice. Ella provides specific disciplines that are realised through real-life, industry experience at Fixinc.

Business Continuity Program Engagement Meeting

All stakeholders discuss objectives and priorities, led by Fixinc's well-prepared consultants. This meeting gives confidence in the program's direction.
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Business Continuity Document Reviews

Fixinc's document review assesses organizational strengths and weaknesses before the program begins. An experienced consultant reviews documents to build a solid foundation. The assessment helps identify areas for improvement and sets the stage for a successful program.
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Business Continuity Program Implementation Plan

An approved project plan and timeline with clear phases, delivery times, and responsible parties resulting from the engagement process will be accessible via your unique client dashboard.
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Business Impact Analysis Scheduling

Fixinc schedules Business Impact Analysis meetings with business unit leaders to determine critical functions. This builds awareness, buy-in, and analyze current processes.
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Business Impact Analysis Report

Fixinc delivers a BIA report to your leadership team detailing outcomes of the meetings. Stored permanently in your client dashboard, it's available via a smart document. This report is foundational to the Business Continuity Plan design.
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Business Impact Analysis Meetings

Fixinc conducts a BIA by consulting with business unit representatives to gain thorough feedback on organizational operations and structures. Outcomes include allowable outages and recovery timeframes, critical dependencies, and more.
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Threat Intelligence & Analysis

Fixinc utilises real-time threat intelligence to enhance resiliency and align realistic, current threats to your mitigation strategies. We review the threat landscape and incorporate emerging risks in business continuity plans, making them more relevant and timely.
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Business Impact Analysis Scope

Fixinc uses business impact analysis to determine an organization's continuity requirements. We conduct four types of BIA: initial, product/service, process, and activity.
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