Julian Robinson

Company Director of Crux Point, accumulating over a decade of proficiency in managing crises and business disruptions.


Crux Point

Joined Fixinc

June 2023


Board Advisory Member
Julian Robinson of Crux Point
Passionate about imparting knowledge to build your organisation's resilience.

Julian has over a decade of domestic and international consulting experience specialising in risk, crisis and business continuity management. His experience extends across public and private sectors including:

  • Maritime and aviation transport.
  • Consumer goods, textiles and retail.
  • Horticulture and agronomy.
  • Banking and finance (including fintech).
  • Utilities (electricity, gas, liquid fuels, water and communications).

He possesses over two decades’ experience developing and delivering training and education programs for diverse audiences including some of the world’s most specialised military forces, 25 of the ASX top 100 companies, government departments and first responder organisations.

Julian has supported and provided risk, emergency, crisis and business continuity management consulting services including:

  • Developed the crisis management and business continuity policy frameworks for two federal reserve banks.
  • Developed crisis management plans for several peak industry bodies within the Australian horticulture sector and provided awareness training for their membership organisations.
  • Established (All-Hazard) Emergency Evacuation and Business Continuity Plans for four listed multi-national organisations operating in Hong Kong in preparation for further community destabilisation in 2019.
  • Developed business continuity plans for multinational organisations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Asia operating in sectors including consumer goods, textiles, retail, banking and human services (recruiting).
  • Developed crisis and business continuity management policies, plans and procedures for multinational organisations in the pharmaceutical industry across the Asia Pacific region.
  • Provided organisation-wide risk, crisis and business continuity management training programs for multinational organisations across numerous industries to enhance organisational culture.
  • Supported an Australian ‘big four’ banking institution’s response to COVID-19 including establishing remote working arrangements and associated business continuity processes for approximately 35,000 employees.
  • Delivered over 200 emergency, crisis and business continuity training exercises in formats ranging from desktop scenarios through to multi-agency national activation activities.

Julian holds an Australian Government security clearance.

Julian’s experience is backed by tertiary qualifications and industry certifications in relevant disciplines such as business continuity, risk management and training and is currently studying to obtain a Graduate Certificate in Psychology of Business and Management.

Further, due to his combination of real-world and pedagogical experience, Julian is a contract lecturer at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), lecturing in risk management for post-graduate courses offered through the Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building.


Direct from Julian

My life's journey has exposed me to extraordinary experiences which have instilled a unique combination of proficient capability in managing "worst case" situations and a passion to share and impart my learnings for the benefit of others.

Julian Robinson of Crux Point
Julian Robinson

Core specialities

Julian's input rests heavily on the Fixinc Advisory Board and consulting practice. Julian provides specific disciplines that are realised through real-life, industry experience at Crux Point.

Crisis Management Program Engagement Meeting

An engagement meeting to confirm the scope of the program, establish roles & responsibilities, and proposed time line of activities.
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Crisis Management Documentation Review

Assess the current level of preparedness and set a base line for program improvement.
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Crisis Management Implementation Plans

Our implementation plans clearly identify each phase of the project and predicted delivery timescales. This is important for key project stakeholders.
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Crisis Management Strategy Development

The Strategy Document customizes strategic response protocols for crisis management.
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Crisis Management Team Development

Increase your Crisis Management Team Development capabilities with Fixinc's bespoke crisis management training - empowering your crisis team and executives.
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Emergency Management Engagement

Fixinc conducts an engagement meeting to define the scope of your Emergency Management Program, establish roles and timeline, and build trust among stakeholders.
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Emergency Management Documentation Review

This process is to assess the current level of preparedness of your organisation and to set a base line for program improvement.
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Emergency Management Implementation Plan

Our Implementation Plans are found via your unique Portal and will detail roles, responsibilities, and task progress.
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