Martin Petts

Fixinc's in-house Head of Sales, Crisis Management Software Professional and Business Development professional for F24.



Joined Fixinc

February 2023


Board Advisory Member
Head of Technology
Martin Petts of F24
Head of Sales, Crisis Management Software Professional

Martin Petts, F24, Head of Sales, Asia Pacific 

In 2016 Martin joined the F24 team in the UK, working with clients to manage and communicate in a crisis using F24’s software suite. Transferring to New Zealand in 2019, Martin is responsible for the F24 business in the Asia Pacific regions, driving forward client’s success with F24’s products for business continuity, GRC, crisis management and critical communications. 

F24 is a resilience software company headquartered in Germany with over 23 years’ experience and a global reach.


Direct from Martin

Martin began his career in data protection with Hewlett Packard in the United Kingdom in the late 1990’s, and for the last 25 years has been focused on helping companies recover from IT and business downtime. 

Martin Petts of F24
Martin Petts

Core specialities

Martin 's input rests heavily on the Fixinc Advisory Board and consulting practice. Martin provides specific disciplines that are realised through real-life, industry experience at F24.

Crisis Management Program Engagement Meeting

An engagement meeting to confirm the scope of the program, establish roles & responsibilities, and proposed time line of activities.
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Crisis Management Documentation Review

Assess the current level of preparedness and set a base line for program improvement.
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Crisis Management Implementation Plans

Our implementation plans clearly identify each phase of the project and predicted delivery timescales. This is important for key project stakeholders.
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Crisis Management Strategy Development

The Strategy Document customizes strategic response protocols for crisis management.
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Crisis Management Team Development

Increase your Crisis Management Team Development capabilities with Fixinc's bespoke crisis management training - empowering your crisis team and executives.
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