Dr Rebecca Hoile

A highly experienced Counter Terrorism and Forensic Scientist Specialist, Fixinc's Head of Region (Australia) and Head of Operations at Sention.



Joined Fixinc

February 2023


Board Advisory Member
Advisor: Principal & Head of Region
Rebecca Hoile of Sention
International operator passionate about health & counter terrorism strategy.

Rebecca is a Principal Consultant and Head of Region for Fixinc working across multi-disciplinary clients to provide resilience services to critical incident management and operational teams. 

She brings more than 25 years’ experience in emergency and crisis management, working across public health and law enforcement at the national and international level. 

A senior manager for the NSW Police Forensic Counter Terrorism, Rebecca was involved in a number of critical incidents including, mass fatalities, the Bali bombings, the Indian Ocean Tsunami, the Anthrax attacks, Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) investigations and counter terrorism operations here and abroad.

Rebecca was then recruited to join INTERPOL serving three years as an Executive within Counter Terrorism and Emerging Threats Directorate, developing policies, procedures, training and exercising across law enforcement, defence, and health agencies. A recognised expert in the field of Chemical, Biological and Radiology (CBR) incidents, Rebecca then worked as a consultant to the World Health Organisation (WHO), World Health Emergencies Programme, with direct experience with the West African Ebola outbreak and chemical weapons attacks in Iraq and Syria. 

Rebecca worked across 4 global regions, engaging with governments, private organisations, and NGO’s, specialising in emerging threats and capacity building in the areas of multi-agency incident management and business continuity. Rebecca prides herself on the ability to work with a range of diverse people and organisations, respecting cultural diversity and bringing a unique background in which international perspectives will guide best practice in developing resilient systems and people.

More recently Rebecca established an informal working group with Johns Hopkins University during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and is a Senior Fellow for the United Nations Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI), specialising in emerging threats.

Rebecca has a degree in Medical Microbiology, a PHD in Forensic Science, certification in policy development, training and assessing, and holds a qualification in Business Continuity (CBCI). 


Direct from Rebecca

I am thrilled to share with you my extensive background and expertise in crisis management and emerging threats, spanning over 25 years. Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of collaborating with both government and non-government organisations, honing my skills in counterterrorism and public health with unwavering dedication.

My passion for risk management, policy development, and capacity building has allowed me to contribute significantly to various projects across four different regions worldwide. Notable career milestones include a decade spent at NSW Police Forensic Counter Terrorism, followed by three rewarding years within INTERPOL's prestigious Counter Terrorism and Emerging Threats Directorate. Subsequently, I had the privilege of contributing my knowledge for two years at the esteemed World Health Organisation, specifically within the Global Health Emergencies Program. Recently, I've been humbled to serve as a Senior Fellow for the United Nations, working with UNICRI.

My specialized skills in Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) crime, Disaster Victim Identification, Health Security, and Business Continuity have allowed me to become a recognised global leader in Bioterrorism prevention and Biosecurity. The experience gained from working on complex international programs has provided me with invaluable insights, enabling me to bring the best practices to the Sention community.

As I continue to embrace every opportunity for growth and learning, I am excited about the positive impact I can make in my field. My commitment to professionalism and optimism fuels my passion to overcome challenges and contribute to a safer and more secure world. I look forward to further collaborations and making a difference on a global scale.

Rebecca Hoile of Sention
Dr Rebecca Hoile

Core specialities

Rebecca's input rests heavily on the Fixinc Advisory Board and consulting practice. Rebecca provides specific disciplines that are realised through real-life, industry experience at Sention.

Threat Intelligence & Analysis

Fixinc utilises real-time threat intelligence to enhance resiliency and align realistic, current threats to your mitigation strategies. We review the threat landscape and incorporate emerging risks in business continuity plans, making them more relevant and timely.
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Business Continuity Strategy Development

Fixinc will design solutions for your organization to confidently respond to incidents and maintain prioritized activities. Proactive mitigation measures address identified risks and threats to protect and reduce disruption impacts.
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Incident Management Plan development

The development of your Incident Management Plan consists of us a simple and easy to use document that forms action plans and supporting procedures to enable the timely recovery.
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Crisis Management Program Engagement Meeting

An engagement meeting to confirm the scope of the program, establish roles & responsibilities, and proposed time line of activities.
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Business Continuity Document Reviews

Fixinc's document review assesses organizational strengths and weaknesses before the program begins. An experienced consultant reviews documents to build a solid foundation. The assessment helps identify areas for improvement and sets the stage for a successful program.
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