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What is Threat Intelligence & Analysis?

Corporate Threat Intelligence is the next level of resiliency and preparedness. Practitioners in the industry are typically unable to provide real-time threat intelligence to their clients. But Fixinc can. We have partnered with Sention Threat Intelligence [] to bring more valuable information to your organization on vulnerabilities and disruption scenarios. Now, when writing a new business continuity program, we will review the current threat landscape and including considerations and emerging risks when building your plans; making them infinitely more relevant and timely.
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How Threat Intelligence & Analysis fits into the Tungsten Diamond.

As part of the Business Impact Analysis process, Fixinc will facilitate a threat assessment using our proprietary threat forecasting tools to assess relevant business continuity vulnerabilities and plausible disruption scenarios that may impact critical business functions, as identified in the BIAs. 

This will include identification and categorisation of disruption related threats, review of likely causes, existing controls and potential impacts, prioritisation of all identified risks based on likelihood and impact ratings, and grouping and prioritisation of risks into key disruption scenarios.

In partnership with Sention-iQ, your organisation will have access to the very best in corporate threat intelligence that is presented and coupled seamlessly into your Business Continuity Program.

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