Ollie Law

Co-Founder of Fixinc bringing a decade of technology, product development, and project management, and commercial digital marketing to the resilience industry.



Joined Fixinc

November 2017


Board Advisory Member
Co-Founder & Managing Director
Ollie Law of Fixinc
Passionate about modernising the resilience landscape.

Ollie brings over a decade of industry experience in digital marketing and product development, with specific expertise in no-code solutions and application automations. His experience has enabled him to design and develop digital marketing campaigns that drive commercial market opportunities on mass-scale, and identify emerging applications to support internal organisational and end-user experiences. Career highlights include positions with Centrica (British Gas), Jaguar Land Rover, and Accounting Web, where he built competitive and disruptive marketing campaigns supporting Xero in their introduction to the UK market.

Ollie is a multi-business owner and entrepreneur, with a passion and focuses on converting 'old-school' methods into modernised, competitive solutions. Ollie brings valuable experience working across a number of private and government entities within the UK and Europe, Asian, and Australia and New Zealand.

He is the majority shareholder, founder and Managing Director of Fixinc Solutions (Fixinc Directory), Co-Founder and Managing Director of Fixinc Consulting Partners (Fixinc Advisory Board), and co-Director of the Fixinc Group.


Direct from Ollie

Moving the Fixinc operations into what it is today was both the most exciting and challenging strategic decision I've embarked on so far as an entrepreneur. I had an opportunity thrust upon me in an unplanned change of professional circumstances. To my fellow business partners and I, this opportunity provided a moment to utilise my skills in technology, product development, digital marketing, and automations to a much higher level and output. With little gatekeeping and hurdles, we have been able to create solutions and processes at Fixinc that will take organisations to the next level in their resiliency. It has allowed me to build an offering that I truly believe will change how we perceive corporate resilience; hopefully to a point that a new, better standard is set.

For too long have I been frustrated with the quality and output from practitioners int he market, the constant need to 'beat competition' at the mercy of client satisfaction; it is time for a change.

I run the Fixinc ecosystem alongside my Dad, which, to say the least is an absolute privilege. Due to our close bond and nearly 10 years together in the resilience industry, I've learnt a lot about organisational resilience and the threat landscape. Only recently, I've decided to move into more client-first support conducting Business Impact AssessmentsEngagement Meetings and even Scenario Exercises (which is always fun).

Today, I look forward to designing and building out enduring programs for you alongside our team of highly experienced Advisors.

Ollie Law of Fixinc
Ollie Law

Core specialities

Ollie's input rests heavily on the Fixinc Advisory Board and consulting practice. Ollie provides specific disciplines that are realised through real-life, industry experience at Fixinc.

Business Continuity Program Engagement Meeting

All stakeholders discuss objectives and priorities, led by Fixinc's well-prepared consultants. This meeting gives confidence in the program's direction.
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Business Continuity Document Reviews

Fixinc's document review assesses organizational strengths and weaknesses before the program begins. An experienced consultant reviews documents to build a solid foundation. The assessment helps identify areas for improvement and sets the stage for a successful program.
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Business Continuity Program Implementation Plan

An approved project plan and timeline with clear phases, delivery times, and responsible parties resulting from the engagement process will be accessible via your unique client dashboard.
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Business Impact Analysis Scheduling

Fixinc schedules Business Impact Analysis meetings with business unit leaders to determine critical functions. This builds awareness, buy-in, and analyze current processes.
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Business Impact Analysis Report

Fixinc delivers a BIA report to your leadership team detailing outcomes of the meetings. Stored permanently in your client dashboard, it's available via a smart document. This report is foundational to the Business Continuity Plan design.
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Business Impact Analysis Meetings

Fixinc conducts a BIA by consulting with business unit representatives to gain thorough feedback on organizational operations and structures. Outcomes include allowable outages and recovery timeframes, critical dependencies, and more.
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Threat Intelligence & Analysis

Fixinc utilises real-time threat intelligence to enhance resiliency and align realistic, current threats to your mitigation strategies. We review the threat landscape and incorporate emerging risks in business continuity plans, making them more relevant and timely.
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Business Impact Analysis Scope

Fixinc uses business impact analysis to determine an organization's continuity requirements. We conduct four types of BIA: initial, product/service, process, and activity.
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