Cyber Response Plan Development

Explore what makes a Cyber Response Plan Development so important to your organisation, and how Fixinc runs one.

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What is Cyber Response Plan Development?

A Cyber Response Plan outlines roles and responsibilities during an event (which can include the reporting lines and decision thresholds from senior management). The plan is there to guide response for each major cyber incident, identify key assets, data and critical systems. A strong Cyber Response Plan that is part of your ITDR program should tie directly into existing policies and frameworks you own.
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How Cyber Response Plan Development fits into the Tungsten Diamond.

Fixinc will review and help you formalise the roles and responsibilities during an event, including reporting lines and decision thresholds from senior management. We work with you to identify what is realistic, but challenge or question current procedures to ensure they're still relevant today.

With cyber risk evolving so rapidly, we work with you to consider a response to each major cyber event. We discuss with you what data could be compromised and calculate acceptable timeframes and objectives for each incident type. 

Often, Information Technology team members are proud and confident in their systems security. External parties can struggle to gain buy-in and collaboration with IT teams when reviewing and suggesting further improvements. At Fixinc, our individual senior consultants are not here to focus on blaming current processes, we're here to build plans that identify key assets, data and critical systems, contain key tools including contact lists, assessment checklists and action plans for use during an incident, and ultimately provide more valuable resource to your organisation and IT team to improve the odds of a successful recovery.

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