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Explore what makes a Business Continuity Plan Sign Off so important to your organisation, and how Fixinc runs one.

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What is Business Continuity Plan Sign Off?

Signing off on your plan is as much an indication to close off the program with Fixinc as it is an opportunity to openly discuss where your organization has come from, and where it is today. Our lead consultant will sit with you to summurise the process you've made, next steps, and provide tips on how to ensure your new, beautiful and effective business continuity plan and program is being utilised daily.
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How Business Continuity Plan Sign Off fits into the Tungsten Diamond.

At the end of every Business Continuity Program, your lead consultant will sit down to discuss the program in detail. Here we will check your experiences, what you have learned, and what steps you will take to enhance the resilience maturity you have now established. 

We will review your client dashboard and relevant documents and training outcomes to provide a summary on how the program has gone. You will get a detailed overview of where your organization is today, something that is valuable to share with Board of Directors, investors, or stakeholders. 

After the discussion, Fixinc will share your final business continuity plan. Once reviewed, you can electronically sign off on the plan we have created for you via your unique client dashboard. Thus, bringing your business continuity plan development to a close, allowing you to enhance to the next level of resiliency.

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