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What is Business Continuity Training?

Business Continuity Training covers the training and awareness-building of your business continuity structures and plans. It helps build a culture of resilience, buy-in from key stakeholders and staff, and encourages your organization to remain proactive in response; ultimately improving your organization's level of resilience. Training sessions can include practical exercising done in person or online, as well as more detailed and thorough training to your leadership team.
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How Business Continuity Training fits into the Tungsten Diamond.

Fixinc provides training and testing activities to validate the information held within your Business Continuity Plans, helping you build a proactive and active business continuity culture. This will improve your organization's level of resilience allowing your to grow your maturity and seek more advanced stages of resilience, like ISO 22301 accreditation.

Our Business Continuity Training sessions include a practical exercise component for all relevant staff, as well as Business Continuity Leadership Team training. 

This training is suitable for staff with overall business continuity management responsibilities. Our 3-hour modular Leadership Program is an innovative, industry first management course specifically designed to build awareness, critical skills and incident leadership capabilities of your team using the latest experiential learning techniques and real-world case studies. 

Each tailored module has been designed with over a decade of extensive research and working with industry leaders in leadership, organizational psychology, critical incident stress, media and communications along with practical application across our broad client base. 

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