Crisis Management Scenario Exercise

Explore what makes a Crisis Management Scenario Exercise so important to your organisation, and how Fixinc runs one.

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What is Crisis Management Scenario Exercise?

The purpose of facilitating a scenario exercise is to ensure that the crisis management solutions and response structure reflects the size, complexity, and type of the organisation inline with the current plans. Fixinc helps you confirm the relevancy, accurate, effectiveness, and complete nature of your existing plans. This process is continually in place to improve the overall level of organisational resilience.
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How Crisis Management Scenario Exercise fits into the Tungsten Diamond.

Rehearsing an organisations crisis management and business continuity program via realistic, hands-on scenario exercises is critical to:

  1. Build familiarisation with staff roles, responsibilities, processes and available tools.
  2. Identify practical program improvements.
  3. Provide a high level of stakeholder assurance in an organisation's recovery capability.

Fixinc implements a structured process to develop and facilitate a scenario exercise program for organisations.

In consultation with your organisation, Fixinc will facilitate a planning meeting to clarify the required scope of your scenario exercise, define exercise objectives, and discuss key performance indicators. This will ensure the exercise program meets stakeholder requirements and delivers value to all participants. 

Following the planning meeting, Fixinc will develop an exercise plan for your organisation, outlining all required details for the exercise program. This includes"

  • Exercise objectives
  • Exercise methodology
  • Exercise scope and scale
  • Roles and responsibilities 
  • Resource requirements 
  • Timeframes and timescales
  • Internal exercise participants
  • External/third party exercise participants
  • Additional exercise costs 
  • Communications
  • Performance criteria

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