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What is Crisis Management Training?

In the past, Crisis Team Members were typically tasked with leading an incident despite lacking adequate Crisis Management Training. However, due to the adverse effects of stress, interference, unreliable information, and rapidly evolving circumstances, this approach is no longer deemed acceptable nor capable of effectively managing a significant crisis. The Crisis Leadership Development Program is a customized program created to enhance the crisis management capabilities of high-ranking executives. The initiative aims to cultivate awareness, critical competencies, and leadership aptitudes using cutting-edge experiential learning methods, ultimately resulting in the development of Crisis Intelligence.
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How Crisis Management Training fits into the Tungsten Diamond.

Fixinc will offer a hands-on training program designed to establish a culture of proactive and vigilant crisis management, thereby enhancing your organisation's overall level of resilience. The training curriculum will be customised to meet the specific program needs of your business.

Crisis Leadership Training is ideal for senior leaders who bear the responsibility of overall crisis management. The 3-hour modular Crisis Leadership Program is a pioneering management course that is tailored to develop the awareness, critical skills, and crisis leadership capabilities of your team, utilizing the latest experiential learning techniques and real-world case studies. This program is the first of its kind in the industry.

Our program comprises of eight customisable modules that have been created based on our consultant’s extensive experiences of over 20-years in the resilience industry. Our broad client base has allowed us to put these modules into practice and refine our Crisis Leadership Training based on real-life scenarios. 

Fixinc's program is designed to cover a wide range of aspects in crisis management. It includes topics such as the basics of crisis management, how to plan for a crisis, team roles and responsibilities, decision making in high-stress situations, crisis assessments, building situational awareness, crisis communication, managing media during a crisis, understanding the people aspects of a crisis, and how to thrive through a crisis. Additionally, the program provides insights on how to effectively utilize specific organisational toolsets to enhance crisis management.

The Fixinc Learning and Development division will organise all pre-training bookings and complete training participant records for all sessions.

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