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Explore what makes a ITDR & Cyber Resilience Training so important to your organisation, and how Fixinc runs one.

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What is ITDR & Cyber Resilience Training?

The cyber landscape presents a challenging set of risks to manage for any organisation, risks that are evolving at a rapid and alarming rate. A Cyber Response Plan will help any organisation respond quickly and effectively to a cyber attack or incident. But a plan is draft until it is trained, adopted, and trusted by your key stakeholders who will refer to it. Once documents and plans are in place, it's important to train the right team members on these, and critical to ensure they will use this plan.
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How ITDR & Cyber Resilience Training fits into the Tungsten Diamond.

Fixinc has observed over many years that cyber security incidents have a set of unique characteristics from other issues or incidents that impact organisations. An understanding of these characteristics, through bespoke training for key staff, is vital to building your capacity to deal with a cyber crisis. 

Suitable for senior members of your organisation, the 3-hour Cyber Resilience training is specifically designed to build awareness, critical skills, and cyber capabilities of your team using the latest experiential learning techniques and real-world case studies. 

This training has been designed following extensive research and working with industry leaders in cyber security, leadership, organisational psychology, critical incident stress, media and communications along with practical application across our broad client base. 

Training modules include:

  • Corporate cyber escalation requirements.
  • Strategic cyber response (versus IT team cyber response).
  • The cyber security threat landscape (reviewed by Sention-iQ).
  • Understanding cyber criminal networks.
  • Breaking down common cyber attacks.
  • A deep dive into business email compromise.
  • Password and identity management.
  • Safe and secure web use.
  • Social networks and cyber security.
  • Building cyber resilience. 

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