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Explore what makes a Cyber Response Exercise so important to your organisation, and how Fixinc runs one.

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What is Cyber Response Exercise?

A Cyber Response Exercise (or Desktop Scenario Exercise) is the process of validating an organisations Cyber Response program via realistic, hands-on scenario exercises. For Fixinc, this is a critical phase to provide stakeholders with the confidence the organisation has robust cyber security processes and procedures in place, as well as the opportunity to find gaps and vulnerabilities in a safe and constructive environment.
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How Cyber Response Exercise fits into the Tungsten Diamond.

In consultation with you, Fixinc will facilitate a planning meeting to clarify the required scope of the scenario exercise, define exercise objectives, and discuss key performance indicators. This will ensure the exercise program meets stakeholder requirements and delivers value to all participants. 

We customise exercises with you from the very beginning. We do this by utilising the very best strategic threat intelligence (through Sention-iQ) relevant to you and your industry to contextualise the cyber threats you are most likely to face. We work with your existing Cyber Security Team (or Information Technology Team) to review any existing Cyber Response Plans in place, map relevant information and IT assets, and understand any historical threats you have faced to sharpen our exercise development. 

Fixinc will also define the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders to present a realistic exercise.

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