Emergency Management Documentation Review

Explore what makes a Emergency Management Documentation Review so important to your organisation, and how Fixinc runs one.

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What is Emergency Management Documentation Review?

This process is to assess the current level of preparedness of your organisation and to set a base line for program improvement. Fixinc have reviewed thousands of documents across a variety of organisations, industries and locations. We have grown a strong eye for what to look for and what to communicate and prepare for in your Emergency Management Program development.
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How Emergency Management Documentation Review fits into the Tungsten Diamond.

Using the predefined criteria, Fixinc will assess key areas of your program by reviewing existing documentation and records for all relevant business units. The review of your documentation may include:

  • Policy and framework documentation
  • Emergency Management Plans
  • Floor plans
  • Evacuation diagrams
  • Recovery Plans and BCP documentation
  • BIA and risk assessments
  • Training and testing documentation
  • Emergency Management plans
  • Disaster Recovery plans
  • Other risk management documentation

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