Emergency Management Training

Explore what makes a Emergency Management Training so important to your organisation, and how Fixinc runs one.

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What is Emergency Management Training?

Fixinc will help your organisation maintain ongoing regulatory compliance and continual learning and development of responsible personnel in emergency management. All plans and response strategies are draft until you validate your people and their effectiveness. We take this phase extremely seriously and will help you ensure they are ready for any emergency event.
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How Emergency Management Training fits into the Tungsten Diamond.

Fixinc enhances organisational resilience via training and testing activities to validate emergency response plans and promote a proactive emergency management culture.

Warden Training:

To ensure the effective functioning of the organisation's Emergency Response Teams, it is critical that wardens possess the necessary awareness, knowledge, and practical skills to carry out their assigned tasks. Fixinc offers a 60-minute in-person training session designed to provide a hands-on learning experience that maximizes participant engagement and enhances their understanding of individual and team responsibilities. Course content includes:

  • Site specific requirements & building safety.
  • Roles and responsibilities.
  • Communication protocols.
  • Emergency equipment.
  • Evacuation and assembly priorities and procedures.
  • Fire, bomb threats, medical and other emergencies.
  • Basic principles of fire and identifying correct fire extinguishers.

Chief Warden Training:

To effectively lead a warden team and coordinate emergency response, Chief Wardens within the organisation's emergency response structure must possess the necessary awareness, knowledge, and practical skills. Our 30-minute face-to-face session aims to enhance the management capabilities of the Chief Warden group and maximise their effectiveness during emergencies. The course content covers topics such as:

  • managing emergencies, 
  • Chief Warden roles and responsibilities, 
  • utilising FIP's and EWIS panels,
  • effective communication strategies during emergencies.

Emergency Awareness Session:

It is essential for building occupants to be aware of the emergency procedures and protocols in place to ensure their safety during an emergency. To provide potential life-saving information and answer any related queries, a 15-minute intensive face-to-face session is organised (this is usually done within the same day or period as other similar training Fixinc provide). The course content will cover various topics, including:

  • different types of emergencies, priorities during an emergency,
  • roles and responsibilities, 
  • fire safety, 
  • prevention measures for fire, bomb threats, medical emergencies, evacuation procedures, and assembly priorities.

Emergency Planning Committee (EPC):

To ensure effective management of the organization's emergency management requirements, the Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) must possess the necessary knowledge, structure, and practical skills. This 60-minute face-to-face session is designed to guide EPC members in fulfilling their responsibilities. The course content covers various topics, such as:

  • Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) requirements and legislation, 
  • EPC roles and responsibilities, 
  • managing EPC meetings, 
  • conducting hazard assessments, 
  • debriefing requirements, 
  • ongoing monitoring and control, and other assistance and guidance as required.
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