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What is Program Review and Audit?

Assessing your organization's business continuity preparations for compliance and best practice standards is a strong way to build organizational resilience.  At Fixinc, we build customized review objectives that are focused on key business functions and priorities. The criteria is developed based on specific program considerations, and the review provides a comprehensive framework for identifying areas of improvement in your existing preparations.
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How Program Review and Audit fits into the Tungsten Diamond.

Fixinc reviews your organization's existing business continuity preparations to assess the level of preparedness and compliance alongside best practice standards.

Tailored review objectives will be established to guide development of review criteria with a focus on key business functions and program priorities. Review objectives may be based around compliance with specific guidelines or standards, adequacy and scope of existing preparations, structure, integration and usability of existing measures, current capabilities and preparedness, or alignment with overall strategic objectives.

Criteria will then be established to provide the framework for the review process. Criteria may be based around key program considerations such as, business Impact Analysis (BIA) and risk management process, plan framework and structure, response & recovery strategies, crisis management capabilities, impact assessment tools, communication strategies, alternate site arrangements, disaster Recovery preparations, organizational awareness & culture, integration with other plans, implementation activities, training and testing, and ongoing maintenance.

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