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What is Tabletop Scenario Exercises?

The purpose of conducting scenario exercises is to ensure that the organisation's management solutions and response structure align with its size, complexity, and nature, while also ensuring that the plans remain current, accurate, effective, and comprehensive. It is imperative to establish a continuous improvement process to enhance the overall level of organisational resilience.
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How Tabletop Scenario Exercises fits into the Tungsten Diamond.

Conducting realistic, hands-on scenario exercises to rehearse an organisation's resilience program is of utmost importance for the following reasons:

Enhancing Familiarity: It helps familiarise staff with their roles, responsibilities, established processes, and available tools.

Continuous Improvement: These exercises serve as a means to identify practical improvements within the program, enabling the organisation to enhance its resilience continually.

Stakeholder Assurance: Scenario exercises provide a high level of assurance to stakeholders regarding the organisation's recovery capability in the face of disruptions.

Fixinc can deliver the following exercise types depending on your specific requirements:

  • Discussion-based
  • Scenario
  • Simulation
  • Live
  • Test

Following the planning meeting, Fixinc will develop an exercise plan for the organisation, outlining all required details for the exercise program, including:

  • Exercise objectives
  • Exercise methodology
  • Exercise scope and scale
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Resource requirements
  • Timeframes and timescales
  • Internal exercise participants
  • External/third-party exercise participants
  • Additional exercise costs
  • Communications
  • Performance criteria

Exercise Development

Fixinc will establish and arrange all necessary components for your exercise program, including:

  • Selection and development of the preferred exercise scenario.
  • Creation of exercise schedules that outline all inputs and interactions during the exercise.
  • Involvement of both internal and external participants in the exercise.
  • Selection and briefing of exercise volunteers.
  • Conducting briefings for exercise participants.

Exercise Delivery

Fixinc will design a scenario-based exercise that is event-driven and realistic, maximising participant involvement and offering a comprehensive yet practical learning opportunity. Fixinc will provide you with dynamic injects that utilise proven exercise resources within a managed exercise setting.

On the day of the exercise, Fixinc will have a lead facilitator oversee the program, with support from additional Fixinc staff, in coordination with representatives from your organisation and other relevant parties. The role of Fixinc during the exercise will be to:

  • Manage the flow of information and inputs related to the exercise scenario.
  • Provide structure and formality to the exercise process, ensuring teams remain focused and on task.
  • Monitor and record the efficacy of your response and recovery procedures.
  • Document all relevant issues as they arise during the exercise.
  • Discover any discrepancies or gaps in your incident response processes.Conduct immediate debriefings with exercise participants.

Post-Exercise Activity

After the conclusion of the exercise program, Fixinc will deliver:

  • A full exercise report that details the key activities conducted, evaluations against established criteria, and recognition of crucial shortcomings to be addressed.
  • Advice on ways to enhance the program even further.
  • Follow-up and implementation assistance as necessary.
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