Rowan Allsop

Over 30 years in the emergency management space. Performing roles from front-line responder through to command and control in both government and private sectors.



Joined Fixinc

June 2023


Board Advisory Member
Emergency Management Innovator
Rowan Allsop of Lungela
Constantly striving to innovate training and delivery in the emergency management response sector.

Rowan is a property risk manager by trade, with a particular passion for emergency management and property risk management; he truly believes that the right training and facilitation saves lives.

Rowan has experience working in a management capacity in both small and large teams to deliver risk related activities across a broad spectrum. 

This includes the design and implementation of risk, safety, security, loss prevention, auditing and emergency management programs from point of conception through to front line delivery and program monitoring.

Having worked as a front line responder in policing and in private sectors, as well as command and control roles, Rowan has the ability to deal with local situations as well as remotely advising stakeholders in other states or countries.

Rowan has undertaken roles and activities on state, national and international levels as a leader, performing risk and emergency management roles for businesses including Uniqlo Australia, Colonial First State (later Commonwealth Bank), and Chadstone Shopping Centre. His portfolio stretches to Japan, USA, UK, India, Singapore, Indonesia and New Zealand. 

His other roles have been predominantly related to property risk, loss prevention, security, safety and emergency management for various organisations.

Rowan moved into the emergency management training and service provision sector and has held national management roles, servicing clients from all aspects and in all industries.


Direct from Rowan

Emergency management is my passion. I truly believe the right training, and more importantly the right facilitation, can save lives.  

I am operationally inclined - having spent most of my career designing and implementing emergency plans that actually work on the front line.  

This means my bias is always towards the operational response, not just what needs to be done, but how it is achieved. 

I am blessed to work in an industry that not only gets me up in the morning, but one I feel I make a difference in. I draw on real-life experiences, from the Bali bombings to emergencies in shopping centres, industrial sites, medical facilities, security incidents, and remote locations (including fire, floods, bushfires, and earthquakes). 

Every day is different, and every day I get the opportunity to not only apply what I know, I get the opportunity to learn. I'm looking forward to doing just that with your organisation.

Rowan Allsop of Lungela
Rowan Allsop

Core specialities

Rowan's input rests heavily on the Fixinc Advisory Board and consulting practice. Rowan provides specific disciplines that are realised through real-life, industry experience at Lungela.

Emergency Management Engagement

Fixinc conducts an engagement meeting to define the scope of your Emergency Management Program, establish roles and timeline, and build trust among stakeholders.
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Emergency Management Documentation Review

This process is to assess the current level of preparedness of your organisation and to set a base line for program improvement.
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Emergency Management Implementation Plan

Our Implementation Plans are found via your unique Portal and will detail roles, responsibilities, and task progress.
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Emergency Response Plans

This includes practical procedures covering possible emergencies. The plan will be provided in soft copy format accompanied by editable site based information templates for contacts, emergency details, checklists, logs and warden details.
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Evacuation Diagrams

Simple, professional looking Evacuation Diagrams mapped and designed by Fixinc.
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Emergency Management Training

Begin your validation of your people and plans with Fixinc's Emergency Management Training capabilities.
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Emergency Evacuation Exercise

Customised and facilitated by Fixinc, our evacuation exercises can test the entire team and build confidence in your response.
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Incident Management Program Engagement Meeting

Get to know our team with a comprehensive Incident Management Programs engagement meeting. Here we discuss the timeline and scope of the work ahead.
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