Crisis Management
for Manufacturing.

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Australia Crisis Management for Manufacturing

Manufacturing in Australia comes with unique challenges.

Crisis management programs tailored for Australian manufacturing businesses possess unique characteristics and requirements. Due to the diverse range of manufacturing activities in Australia, crisis management programs must consider the specific challenges faced in this industry, such as supply chain disruptions, product recalls, technological failures, and environmental incidents. Additionally, regulations and standards, such as the Australian Quality Assurance standards, need to be followed while designing and implementing crisis management strategies for the manufacturing sector. These programs aim to ensure proactive risk assessment, effective communication, efficient resource allocation, and rapid recovery to safeguard the reputation and continuity of manufacturing businesses in Australia.

how we do it

Four phases to completing your Crisis Management program.

Manufacturing organisations experience similar challenges here in Australia, but your unique situation will require unique solutions. Our four phase approach to the management and facilitation of our programs allows space for customisation. With strict processes, timelines, responsibilities, and project management procedures in place, Fixinc ensures that your programs are following best practice, and specific to you.

2 days
average program start time.
12 weeks
average program completion time.
Phase 1

During the engagement phase of your Crisis Management program, you have the chance to get aquainted with your project team and validate the essential milestones linked to your project. This leads to potential outcomes such as:

Confirmation of project scope.
Development of implementation plan.
Assigning roles and responsibilities.

“Our resilience consultants are available to shoulder the burdens of your project. This ensures timely and cost-effective delivery. Here, you'll have a chance to meet them and build meaningful relationships."

Brad, Global Head of Consulting and co-Founder

Phase 2

Fixinc's Crisis Management analysis aims to assess your current capability level and identify the critical products and services that are crucial for your organisation's survival in the event of a disruption. The key outcomes that may arise from this analysis are:

Review current documents.
Analysing organisational products and services.
Review the current threat environment.

Developing comprehensive Crisis Management across your organisation requires a fundamental understanding of Manufacturing products and services and the critical business functions that support them. This knowledge is crucial to ensure a holistic approach to business resilience and one we take very seriously.

Phase 3

The development phase of a Crisis Management program yields tangible results and artefacts that can aid response teams in executing a well-structured and prompt response to any incident. The outcomes of this phase may include:

Develop incident response structure.
Develop recovery strategies.
Communication protocols.
Tools and checklists.

“The incident response plan serves as a framework to guide any Manufacturing response team in handling a disruption promptly. To be effective, the plan should be direct, adaptable, concise, and relevant.“

Ollie, Managing Director and co-Founder

Phase 4
The fourth phase aims to validate that the activities conducted in phases 1-3 are appropriate and fullfill their intended purpose. This phase also ensures that there is a continuous program of improvement in place. The key outcomes that may result from this phase are:
Response personnel training.
Scenario exercises.
Critical component testing.
Review and audit.
Maintenance program implementation.

An incident response plan should not be considered final until it has been thoroughly validated. The validation process should not only apply to the plan but also to the individuals who will be implementing it and threat landscape unique to Manufacturing in Australia.

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Australia Crisis Management for Manufacturing

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Imagine a world where the Manufacturing industry has access to consistent and relevant analysis on the Manufacturing threat landscape and emerging risks. Imagine a powerful way to communicate and manage events with an unlimited number of people in seconds across Australia and the world. These are now a reality with our partners, Sention and FACT24 who provide corporate threat intelligence and a SAAS incident response and communications tool.

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Disaster Recovery advice from Fixinc

In today's fast-paced business environment, being prepared for unexpected crises is essential. For Australian businesses, having a robust Crisis Management program in place is crucial. At Fixinc, we understand the challenges you may face and are here to offer our expertise in mitigating and managing risks.

First and foremost, getting executive buy-in and support is a critical component of any Crisis Management program. Without the commitment of top leadership, the effectiveness of your program may be compromised. Our experienced team at Fixinc can help you engage with key stakeholders, build awareness, and secure the necessary resources for a successful implementation.

Secondly, conducting a thorough risk assessment is essential. Understanding the potential crises that may impact your business is key to proactively identifying and addressing vulnerabilities. Our consultants at Fixinc can guide you through this process, helping you identify the most significant risks and develop robust response plans.

Once risks have been identified, it's crucial to develop and regularly test your Crisis Management plans. Fixinc can help you create customized plans tailored to your specific business needs. Our consultants will work closely with your team to ensure the plans are comprehensive, actionable, and regularly updated as your business evolves.

Communication is another vital component of Crisis Management. Developing clear and effective communication channels both internally and externally can make a significant difference in how your organization responds to a crisis. Our team at Fixinc can assist you in developing crisis communication strategies that maintain trust, minimize reputational damage, and provide timely information to all stakeholders.

Lastly, ongoing training and education are essential to maintaining a strong Crisis Management program. Fixinc offers training programs that equip your employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to respond effectively during a crisis. By partnering with us, you gain a reliable consulting partner committed to assisting you in navigating the complexities of Crisis Management.

Don't wait until a crisis strikes - ensure your business is equipped to handle any unexpected events. Contact Fixinc today to learn more about how our expertise in Crisis Management can help your Australian-based business thrive in the face of adversity.

Crisis Management disciplines we offer Manufacturing.

Fixinc provides Manufacturing organisations with bespoke, best practice programs specific to disruptions in Australia. Explore the list of Crisis Management disciplines below.

Crisis Management Program Engagement Meeting

An engagement meeting to confirm the scope of the program, establish roles & responsibilities, and proposed time line of activities.

Crisis Management Documentation Review

Assess the current level of preparedness and set a base line for program improvement.

Crisis Management Implementation Plans

Our implementation plans clearly identify each phase of the project and predicted delivery timescales. This is important for key project stakeholders.

Crisis Management Strategy Development

The Strategy Document customizes strategic response protocols for crisis management.

Crisis Management Team Development

Increase your Crisis Management Team Development capabilities with Fixinc's bespoke crisis management training - empowering your crisis team and executives.
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Fixinc was founded by Ollie and Brad Law. The pair experienced firsthand the results of practitioners failing their clients when they were needed most. They developed the Advisory and Directory to help organisation have premium support at any moment. With a combined three decades in the industry, the father and son duo bring a powerful balance of technology knowledge and senior executive level consulting to a fresh and impactful service.
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