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Business Continuity Management in Christchurch, New Zealand

Christchurch, New Zealand

At Fixinc, we know Christchurch and what makes it tick.

The founding members of Fixinc have been servicing Christchurch based organisations as far back as 2008. Our offices have been based in the garden city, Christchurch since day one. We have sharpened our offering to New Zealand organisations by experiencing catastrophic events like the Christchurch Earthquakes, the North Island flooding, the mosque shootings, and unique cyber threats.

We have a deep understanding of the economic and trade challenges here and the unique aspects of the threat landscape (which is reviewed daily by our team). We ensure that the consultant you speak to today is the consultant you will work with throughout all your programs. And, unlike many suppliers, our consultants live in Christchurch, we’re part of the community, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

You will invest in programs that follow ISO standards and are considered as one of the best in the market. If at any point that does not match your expectations, we offer a 'short pay' option.

Fixinc offers specific disciplines in Business Continuity that - if required - would achieve accreditation for the ISO22301 standard. Whilst putting operational and strategic programs in place, we also work on building a culture of resilience; ensure that plans are agile, usable, and your team is committed for the long term.
Business Continuity in Christchurch, New Zealand

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Christchurch specific resilience programs.
Every individual professional on the Fixinc Consulting Team brings with them unique disciplines and skillsets that are established and practiced in New Zealand. We have taken the time to understand the unique threat landscape Christchurch is presented with and build programs to address them.

Enterprise Risk Management

Understand your organisational enterprise risk through comprehensive reviews inline with governance and current threat landscapes through impressive technology solutions.
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Validation Activities

No program or plan is ready until it is validated. Put your team through safe, realistic scenarios, explore gaps, build significant resilience.
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Emergency Management

Build strong Emergency Management response plans, a confident team, professional evacuation plans, all coupled with the leading technology.
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Business Continuity Management

Start or evolve your organisational resilience journey with a Fixinc Business Continuity Program. Covering the full Business Continuity lifecycle including Business Impact Analysis (BIA), Business Continuity Plans, Scenario Exercises, and more.
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Crisis Management

Design, Review, and create your Crisis Management plans, validate them, and test through Scenario Exercises. Fixinc will help you build and maintain the very best Crisis Management Programs.
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Incident Management

From documentation reviews, to training, technology and exercises, Fixinc can help your organisation grow competitive and effective Incident Management maturity in as little as six months.
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Our ITDR Plans will help you assess the severity of the situation, activate your team, and select the right recovery strategy.
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How we run a program is everything.

Our programs are meticulously designed for each individual client. In our industry, this is a common promise. But, through clever technology, we’ve established a process that automates time consuming tasks, creates agile implementation plans, and reduces program length by 74% on average. This means you pay less, and get more time with the professionals.This is some text inside of a div block.

How Business Continuity can work in Christchurch.

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We understand 80% of your industry problems.

With decades of industry immersion, we offer tailored expertise honed across diverse sectors, ensuring a deep understanding of your unique challenges. If our approach doesn't align with your needs, we'll guide you to the consultancy that will.

Best practice is just the start.

We do complex business continuity. By leveraging standards like ISO 22301 to tailor comprehensive solutions, we align with your organisation's unique threat profile for enhanced resilience and strategic preparedness.

AI is coming

But technology was never the problem, people are. If you get this right, the financial and reputational advancements are limitless. Fixinc's mission is to make people more knowledgable and capable.

'Normal' is shifting

Embracing tradition while innovating for the future, our consulting seamlessly integrates time-honoured wisdom with cutting-edge technology, ensuring agile solutions for today's evolving threat landscape in a familiar manner.

We don't do 'one-off'.

Resilience programs fail when they are not integrated within your culture. We will hold you accountable long term. That means trusting our service and people, and that's something we'll never stop proving to you.
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our founders

A father and son, on a mission.

Fixinc was founded by father and son, Brad and Ollie Law. The pair come with a combined 12 years of extensive experience in corporate resilience, disaster recovery, business continuity, and a deep understanding of New Zealand's threat landscape. Stretching over three decades of industry experience, they mix executive level and large enterprise consulting with technology and IT expertise in an attempt to modernise corporate resilience.

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Ollie Law and Brad Law of Fixinc